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Christina Aguilera Top 10 #1

Welcome back music lovers! I bet you thought we would be discussing one of my favorite rock bands today we'll like I said you never know what you will expect on my personal mix-tape blog! As stated before, I like all sorts of different artists and musical genres but yes pop and rock are the predominant two and today's spotlight is on ten of my favorite Christina Aguilera songs. Now Christina Aguilera came along at a time when pop was huge and since I grew up on pop music, I liked her immediately but she has always proved to be so much more. Her four-octave vocal range has a way of capturing the soul singers of the past and producing a lot of emotion that I feel a lot of artists today just can not duplicate. Growing up in a household of domestic abuse and then going to school and being bullied by others due to her talent and good looks are probably reasons why there is so much heartfelt or heartbroken emotion behind her voice and also going through pain like that makes Christina Aguilera such the strong person she is. No matter the style of music, I just adore Christina Aguilera whether a bubblegum pop princess or a queen of new blue-eyed soul so here is my first list of favorite top ten songs to show my appreciation.

#10. Hurt from the album Back To Basics

Why Do I Like It?: I have to admit that the first time I heard this song, I cried my eyes out. The lyrics of the song basically describe losing a loved one and having guilt about not saying words that need to be said and this song happened to come out five years after I lost my dad. When a song like this comes around and can literally touch your heart and crush it at the same time, there really isn't a lot to explain but I'll at least say that I love Christina's voice and the string arrangement.

#9. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) - Video Remix version

Why Do I Like It?: Now this one differs from the version on Christina's self-titled debut album (which I also have) as it is more sexualized than her previous songs at that time. I like that pop beat and more mature lyrics than it's album version and it began to show the later Christina we would get to know (and still love!) The song also has more of that soul that Christina Aguilera has always displayed and of course as always...she's so pretty!

#8. Glam from the album Bionic

Why Do I Like It?: I do like this song but I will be truthful in admitting that Bionic is not my favorite Christina Aguilera album. I can't really explain why but I will tell you that Glam is not one of the reasons: I love the beat to this song! Going down the catwalk or the streets on a girls' night out you always want to look your best and who better than Xtina to give us advice on how to work it! There has to be a movie out there that needs this song for a montage! Electro-dance-pop may not be your thing but I love it and as always, there's a touch of creamy soul to Christina's voice for you to enjoy!

#7. Dirrty from the album Stripped

Why Do I Like It?: Here's another Christina confession for you all, when this song came out along with the video, I was a little put off and almost thought about not checking out the Stripped album at all. I am all for artists emerging out of their cocoons and going in different directions but I thought Christina went too far until I realized I was being just as judgmental as everyone else. So when I finally bought Stripped it turns out it is my favorite out of all Christina's albums! It may be different compared to the rest of the album but now I see Dirrty as a very sexy dance club jam and I have to give props to Xtina for being so comfortable in her sexuality.

#6. Ain't No Other Man from the album Back To Basics

Why Do I Like It?: I never thought I would like 1930s-1940s era jazz or old time soul but Christina Aguilera changed that when I first heard this song! I heard it by seeing the video and I am so amazed at how flawlessly Christina just slips into that old Hollywood mold with the glitz and glamor and fits the role of club torch singer so well! The song has high energy, positive lyrics about being in love with a man who has totally changed your life and is so catchy! This song like the rest of the Back To Basics CDs (it is a 2 CD album) is definitely something good to accompany any Throwback Thursday playlist!

#5. Genie In A Bottle from the album Christina Aguilera

Why Do I Like It?: Like many others this was Christina Aguilera's debut single released that brought her to my attention. She was a new teen princess seen as a rival to her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Britney Spears but she had a presence to her that impressed me more and I have liked her ever since while with Britney it took me a lot longer to become a fan. I was sixteen when this song came out so I was kind of naive as to what the lyrics were truly about and while many thought it was a little too risque for younger girls for a high-school girl like me, it kind of hit a valuable target. Yes it is about deciding whether you are ready to have sex with a boy that might be pressuring you while your heart and mind are telling you to wait. There are lots of songs like that but it also has you thinking "maybe I am ready to have sex with a boy just as long as he treats me with respect". That's my interpretation so if anyone wants to take the literal meaning of "rubbing someone the right way" than I'm just assuming English and metaphors are not your strongest suits...

#4. Not Myself Tonight from the album Bionic

Why Do I Like It?: My first time hearing this song on the radio is what made me by the Bionic album in the first place and when I eventually saw the video, my oh my...was not expecting it to be that racy! As noted before I love synthesizer beats and when you mix them with a catchy drumbeat or killer bass line, it usually cements my love for a song. As always I commend artists changing up their image or sound, finding independence and self-respect along the way and if you are a person happy with your own body and sexuality that is a plus. We little girls who discovered Christina Aguilera aren't genies in a bottle anymore and neither is she so I can connect with the lyrics of the song for two parts: the first is sometimes you aren't yourself when you go out to the club (I myself am not as inhibited and just love to go out for the dancing) and the second part is "the old me's gone/I feel brand new/and if you don't like it fuck you!" maybe not as harshly stated in the lyrics but still true just the same...

#3. Fighter from the album Stripped

Why Do I Like It?: Well the very Gothic feeling of the video helped but after I heard the lyrics, I could truly appreciate what a good song this is! Another reason (before we get into the lyrical content) is this is definitely not very pop at all: it is a rock song! It may not be bombastic hard rock but is in that genre vein thanks to some guitar work from Dave Navarro and has I guess more of that operatic rock style. Being on Stripped, which seems to incorporate many music styles, it is one of the highlights and is not short on displaying Christina Aguilera's powerful vocals. Back to the lyrics, it's about being done wrong and using all of that pain to instead become stronger. I guess I like it because it's relateable as in my past, like Christina herself, I was bullied and teased, hurt by people I thought were my friends and left thinking I would be a doormat forever. Being older and no longer a child, I may have moments that I falter but in the end I don't let anyone walk over me anymore!

#2. Candyman from the album Back To Basics

Why Do I Like It?: Another pop throwback that is just delicious! This time it's the 1940s era of boogie-woogie and swing we are taken back to and even then, Christina's soulful vocals still remain as she sings about a real dish of a man (get it as in candy dish...I know I am a queen of bad puns!) in a harmony reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters (three-parts as they were a trio). This bubblegum beat actually hides some pretty naughty lyrics but I think it's a lot of fun that makes me wish I could do some of those mean jitterbug moves! I love how Christina can change up her style and looks and still be bubbly and beautiful even when being a very cheeky, Vargas vamp. (If you have no idea about anything I just said, this is the Internet..go and learn something!)

So we have reached the top spot on this list of my favorite Christina Aguilera songs. It may be the end of this Top Ten but in the future Christina says it just...

#1. Keeps Gettin' Better from the album A Decade Of Hits

Why Do I Like It?: I love the synthpop vibe of this song and it pulled me in from the first note! I can't help but admit that the lyric "sometimes I'm a super bitch!" is my favorite because it takes on two different connotations: some days I am indeed a super bitch and other days I am Super Bitch, hard worked and cleaner of other people's messes! I like how empowering it can be and maybe just a little bit sexy as well. I can't really explain any other reason why I like this song except maybe the fact that Christina Aguilera is just that talented that almost anything she does is a #1 in my book!

So we've come back to pop...where do we go from here? Join me next time to find out what sort of musical treat I pull  from my grab bag of a music collection.

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