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Heart Top Ten #1: Yes I said #1

Well here it is a big giant welcome to my new blog here on my own personal mix-tape for the web. If you don't know me my name is Courtney but on many internet forums I go by the moniker of Theresthegirl which I picked because it is one of my favorite songs by the band Heart, my most favorite band in all existence. In a nutshell, I have been a fan since I was little, have every album and any piece of merchandise I can find I get my little paws on. Besides being a huge fan, it's thanks to Heart and many people connected to the band that I like other musical artists and even how I found my true love and developed one of the best friendships in my life. Yes I know I came here to talk about music and even though I will be talking about many songs and many musical acts, Heart is the top of my list and the one band I will always love.

Since this is kind of a new to me I'll lay out the gist of it. I'm going to be doing random top tens based on all the music in my collection and since I have a lot of Heart albums with a lot of songs we are going to start with ten and depending how much media this blog can handle, they become top fives instead. I won't be doing the same artist since basically this is as I said a mix-tape so it's Heart this post and who knows what the next one might be! My rankings are based on many factors so I am not saying these are the ones I prefer the most because if I wanted to talk about songs I hate I'd only have one list and we'd be done already. With my Heart top tens, I picked a track off every album and just went from there so I'll try to give a reason why I like the song or what I like about it. So enough talk let's get to the action and countdown from 1 to 10 the first of many songs by the band Heart!

#10. Treat Me Well from the album Little Queen

Why Do I Like It?: The beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar prowess of Nancy Wilson, a twang of a blues harp, the gentle hum of the bass and the soft strains of a gentle string section are the components for a beautiful song such as this one.  Did you ever feel that your life has just begun because you have found the love of your life?  Before, life was empty but now you have someone who can understand you, get through to you when no one else can, some one who will…treat you well? Finding love where you feel you can give a piece of your heart to your significant other to always be in their heart whenever he or she is away is what gives you the strength to be free even when you feel you are alone again but in essence…you never will be for you can not be strong if you do not have the other half of your heart. The soul of Nancy Wilson is in her lyrics and Howard Leese’s string compositions…just take the whole bakery. A very slow yet sexy song of romance.

#9. Love Me Like Music (I'll Be Your Song) from the album Dreamboat Annie

Why Do I Like It?: Sweet harmonies of Heart to back-up the fabulous voice of Ann Wilson with a rousing bridge of rhythmic clapping. Life is like a card game where people win and lose all the time but at the end if you have someone to go home to…the hand you’re dealt may work in your favor. If love ever seems to be fleeting between you and your lover, don’t you just wish one look could bring back that feeling? Sometimes it is hard to be friends and lovers, to be assertive yet tender at the same time but…every song needs music and lyrics to work together. A song of love and friendship…splendidly fashioned together as any Heart song should.

#8. Nada One from the album Dog & Butterfly

Why Do I Like It?: The beginning sounds of an Oriental garden transports us to a another world where Nancy Wilson is the queen as she shines on this song with her very airy, ethereal vocals. Acoustic guitars and a symphony of violin orchestration composed by Howard Leese add to the beautiful imagery we can almost see and it is soon joined by the drums and an almost upbeat tempo of a Medieval and courtly dance. We could very easily be sewn into a tapestry of a beautiful tale told about a woman who every night is visited in her dreams by a man only to have him disappear as night fades into day. All she is left with is to wander through the day with his beautiful and mysterious eyes engrained in her memory as she goes through the low pain of the real world. When night comes, he returns to paint a world of love around her, for he is the only one who understands her and knows just what she truly needs. Most of us can relate to feeling so alone that the only time we can feel anything is at night when our inner desires come to life and not one person can understand but the one who fades with the coming daylight. A truly magical tapestry of lyrical poetry, which is threaded with Nancy’s golden voice and the harmonies of sister Ann and Howard Leese, who’s string composition is just enchanting.

#7. Silver Wheels from the album Bebe Le Strange (Instrumental)

Why Do I Like It?: If you listen closely you might recognize that sometimes Nancy Wilson plays this when going into Crazy On You and it's so seamless if I didn't point it out you might never even know? Short, sweet and to the point, it's like a breath of fresh air! Not as eloquent as my reasoning for the others but sometimes that might be better besides it's an instrumental so no lyrics to give my own interpretation of their meaning.

#6. Language Of Love from the album Passionworks

Never heard of this album? It's a very rare find nowadays but I am so glad I found it many moons ago so it is a cherished piece of my Heart collection.

Why Do I Like It ?: I just love that opening guitar rift and those vocals of the chorus are pure harmony heaven for me! I know from personal experience how tough it is to write love letters that get the words out right and been on the end of the love not being reciprocal. It's very tough not to have the words of others in place of your own and some us just aren't born to rhyme and compose love poetry so in order to make things special you need to discover your own kind of love language. (corny I know but see what I mean about the writing thing?!)

#5. My Crazy Head from the album Desire Walks On

Why Do I Like It ?: The rhythm is more vibrant and with very sexy lyrics, deep and driving bass work and of course the pairing of Ann and Nancy’s harmonies. Most of us lock every desire we feel inside to keep it hidden just for us to see it but at times, you meet someone who knows every one of those secrets…because they have the same fantasies locked inside themselves.When two people know each other so well, a love between you grows and it is just so powerful that you feel if you do not share it you might just go insane. Keeping those desires locked inside for so long can make you doubt your own sanity at times and if you can never share them with the person you love so much, you begin to wonder if your body can handle it. Seductive, poignant, and powerful when you add Howard Leese’s guitar work. Almost a musical equivalent of an orgasm it is so good!

#4. Under The Sky from the album Brigade

Why Do I Like It?: A powerful, heartfelt (no pun intended) ballad again focusing on the vocals and harmonies of the band as a whole. Add some acoustic guitar to the aforementioned vocals and you have a poignant song of love and friendship. If ever there was a moment to take all of the happiness from your life that you just want to run away. Whether you escape with a dear friend or your truest love, being beneath the night sky until it becomes day will push all of the pain away until there is no one left but you and that one person closest to your (again…no pun) heart. Hits pretty close to home emotionally for me...painful yet it makes the pain go away any time I hear this song.

#3. I Need The Rain from the album Jupiters Darling

Why Do I Like It?: Well for starters it's sung by Nancy Wilson who has already gotten three spots on this list and of course, the music is beautiful! Signature acoustic guitar work and piano strings plucked to remind you of little rain drops make for a very soothing song with very poignant lyrics. Sometimes we find ourselves far from home or even far away in our own homes, in our own little worlds inside ourselves. Sometimes letting things or people inside can be painful and in order to hide the tears and begin again, a little rain has to fall. Rain doesn't always have to be gloomy just like death doesn't always mean the end and at times that little black cloud can be a security blanket.

#2. What About Love? from the album Heart

Why Do I Like It?: Well for one thing this was the first Heart song I ever heard, the first Heart music video I ever saw and from the first Heart album I ever owned but start with sad strains of the keyboard add some bass and then add the drums to guitar genius and you have a recipe for this powerful yet poignant ballad. Sweet yet spicy vocals from Ann and Nancy Wilson plus those of Grace Slick keeps this song from being a weepy and weak ballad but a total powerhouse. If you are a strong woman you see it as a glass half-full but if you have just been wronged so many times you may see the side of the coin that could make this song a sappy and whiny hit with no substance. If you have ever been lonely and waiting for love, maybe even pretending it even exists, you can understand the song. If you have ever loved anyone but it has never been returned or known anyone who has never loved or let love into his or her heart, you will understand this song. Everyone needs love eventually and if you ever find that one person to share it with, you will finally understand why I love this song!

And taking the #1 spot on this first Heart Top 10 list is the song that of course gave me my Internet alter ego in the first place...

#1. There's The Girl from the album Bad Animals

Why Do I Like It ?: Nancy Wilson, of course, blows us away again as her very airy vocals take on this very pop rock number. Ladies…if you are the second girlfriend or in the middle of a long list of ex-flames, you can totally relate to this song. Let’s paint the scenario as your man has only been with you and one other girl  and he use to be so in love with this girl but she broke his heart. You’ve come along and mended it  to make him believe in love again…and his eyes fall on that girl who let him go. You can tell by his eyes, his stance and anything else that he may still have feelings for her but you are so unsure. How can you confront him and tell him that his ex-girlfriend isn’t good enough for a great guy like him…a guy who has already broken his heart once over her ?  If that isn’t the hardest thing to tell him then how easy can it be to confront him and ask if he still loves her…and if he would leave you to be back together with a woman who destroyed his heart after you have just put it back together again? I love the pop feel of the song and I especially love the guitar that brings out the rock and the keyboards which bring out the pop: two worlds wonderfully collide! Plus, Nancy always slays me when she sings with that airy tone to her voice. It is not as powerful and sultry as Ann’s voice but the ingenue quality to it always leaves me spellbound.

So what did you guys think? Now I took my own ideas of what the songs are really about but then again I am not the author of these songs so I could be way out of the park. Being the Heart fan I am and listening to so much of their work for such a long time, give me just a little bit of slack. There will be more Heart to come but next time who knows which musical path we will go down and just how eloquent I can be. I hope you join me, music lovers!

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