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Madonna Top 10 #1: Yes I Said #1

Madonna Louise Ciccone, this is how I discovered you!

Welcome back, music lovers, to my personal mix-tape blog. Now last time I gave you the first helping of my favorite songs by the band Heart from 10 to 1 now today we tackled the first of my favorite songs by pop music icon Madonna. Now if you think this is a major switch in genres get ready because that's what you're in for around here as I like so many types of music. When I was little the two cassettes I listened to on my Walkman constantly were Heart's self-titled album and Like A Prayer by Madonna and I think my love of Madonna came from my sister and my mom, who happened to have Madonna's debut self-titled on cassette. Not to mention, MTV was big in the 80s and when VH1 came around, I was always watching it and of course, Madonna was everywhere. Being an impressionable young child, female rockers and pop singers were like living Barbie dolls to me and so if music was cool then I wanted to be cool too. Every now and then, Madonna will come out with a song that I find catchy but the last Madonna CD I have (I kinda commandeered it from my mother *tee hee*) is Ray Of Light so it's been awhile. With that out of the way, here is the first Top 10 ranking of my favorite Madonna songs...

Guess what we start you know?

#10. La Isla Bonita from the album True Blue

Why Do I Like It?: Who can not love the sound of the Spanish guitar? It is such a beautiful instrument and when I first saw the video, I could not help but love that red flamenco gown Madonna wore with her dark blonde almost natural brunette hair...muy bonita indeed! Dreaming about a place that brings back so many memories of beauty and could you not love this song?

#9. Take A Bow from the album Bedtime Stories

Why Do I Like It?: Everytime I hear this song I feel like I am listening to an opera of the modern day and when paired with the 1940s feel of the music video, I am so impressed by Madonna. When she is good she is really good and sending a copy of the video to Take A Bow to the director of Evita won her the part of Eva Peron. Classy song about how loving someone famous and being neglected by them can truly hurt when that love is unrequited and only you can feel it (I speak from some personal experience but not the loving someone famous part...only in my dreams does that happen)

#8. Causing A Commotion from the soundtrack album Who's That Girl 

Why Do I like It?: I admit it that I love dancey, upbeat pop songs and in the 80s Madonna was the Queen of this! Being you know only four years old when this song came out of course I love it because it reminds me of my childhood (the good parts anyway)! Opposites attract we all know that but sometimes it can be a very turbulent relationship because when a cold front and a warm front meet there are always storm clouds with occasional bursts of thunder and lightning. So if love is important you have to put those differences aside, learn to compromise and then!

#7. Lucky Star from the album Madonna

Why Do I Like It?: This was one of the first Madonna songs I remember hearing and one of the first Madonna videos I remember seeing on MTV. Of course this video spawned many girls imitating the Madonna style and I always wished I was older so I could too but the dance beat was good enough to appease little old me. Back then and even now I believe Madonna was singing about a guy who is not only Heaven sent and almost certainly as beautiful as Heaven himself but when she says she's the luckiest by far it's because she's the one to have snagged him and not referring to herself as most people determine to be the true Heavenly body.

#6. 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) from the album Hard Candy

Why Do I Like It?: Why is it that everything Timbaland has a hand in is so damn catchy?! Then you throw Madonna together with the very talented Justin Timberlake and BOOM! It is dance music magic that I love and never thought I would hear from Madonna again as nothing since Ray Of Light has made my little pierced ears perk up. If you had to save the world in 4 minutes, I think I'd grab a hot guy and dance with him too (seeing as my honey doesn't dance...or do the pop music thing) if the whole Jack Bauer thing didn't work out...

#5. Crazy For You from the Immaculate Collection/ Vision Quest Soundtrack

Why Do I Like It?: This was Madonna's first time singing a ballad and proved she wasn't just some pop singer who could only do dance club numbers. I'd call this a modern day take on the lone lounge singer singing her torch song as couples slow dance about the place like they did back in the 1930s. This was probably played at 80s proms aplenty, helped some babies be born and became the first slow dance for many newly wed couples with its romantic lyrics about pure desire and not lust no matter how much you want to make it seem that way.

#4. The Power Of Goodbye from the album Ray Of Light 

Why Do I Like It?: This is one of those Madonna songs where I saw the video for it first before deciding "You know I want that...I'm going to go and borrow my Mom's copy instead of buying it!" Visually the video was beautiful and is still stunning and musically, I love strings on pop songs and when you throw in acoustic guitar on an otherwise electronica track, that's innovative and different which grabs my attention. Lyrically, it's about breaking up and letting go of a romantic relationship but it can also symbolize just how painful and sometimes even how healthy it can be to say good-bye. I have had many people go away in my life be it death or just growing apart so I can relate on many aspects of the different interpretations of the song's words.

#3. Deeper And Deeper from the album Erotica

Why Do I Like It?: I have always loved the disco beat of this song! Though the video kind of creeps me out in parts and confuses me in others, the beat and lyrics to this song are sublime and when we get that little Flamenco flavor in the middle, chills go up my spine! I always thought the song was about finding love constantly because it's like an addiction that you just keep wanting more and keep wanting it until you find the love that fills this endless void for affection. I could be wrong but that's what nine year old me thought and that's just what thirty-one year old me is going to stick with unless enlightened otherwise...

#2. Spanish Eyes from the album Like A Prayer

Why Do I Like It?: I don't know why it is that songs with Spanish guitars or flavor seem to intrigue as I have no trace of Latin blood so I'm beginning to think that maybe the Catholic half of me (that comes from my father's side) is what pulls at me when I hear this song. I just always picture it playing in a candle-lit church in some Spanish village and I love the vulnerability that Madonna can display when she tries her hardest. The lyrics of the song have me imagining that a man has died to save the lives of his people and his widow constantly lights a candle to pray in his memory as she begs Jesus to help the others who must go in his fallen place to fight.

Even Madonna is anxious to see what my number one is!

And taking the #1 spot on my first Madonna Top 10 list is...

#1. Angel from the album Like A Virgin

Why Do I Like It?:  First of all that opening just hooks you in! Nile Rodgers of Chic produced this song and played the guitar on it so that beat that he brought just kills it! I believe I was just born a romantic so of course I love the lyrics of just being on cloud nine and in love with some guy who is not just your romantic cliche angel but your true salvation who heals your heart and just makes the rest of the world disappear when he is around. Most of the music I listen to comes from my youth so I guess I do fit the standard of the little girl who dreams about being a princess, bride or rock star but just remember that Barbie wasn't the only one who put those ideas in my head!

Totally Minnie? it's Totally Madonna!

So I went from rock to pop, what do you think will be coming at you next time, music lovers? Well you know as well as I do! Will it be another artist taking center-stage or maybe some random music taken from many genres? Tune in next time to find out!

Take a bow for now'll be back later!!

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